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Online Takeaway Ordering - Safa Restaurant, London

Featured Items

Top Starters

Aloo ChaatSuitable for Vegetarians£2.95Qty:
Chicken Chaat£2.95Qty:
Chicken Pakora£4.25Qty:
Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Chicken Tikka£3.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka£3.95Qty:
King Prawn Puri£5.25Qty:
Mixed PakorasSuitable for Vegetarians£4.25Qty:
Onion BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians£2.95Qty:
Prawn Puri£4.25Qty:

Top Sundries

Boiled Basmati Rice£2.25Qty:
Cheese Naan£2.25Qty:
Chilli Pickle£0.60Qty:
Fiery Red Sauce£0.60Qty:
Mango Chuntey£0.60Qty:
Mint Sauce£0.60Qty:
Onion Salad£0.60Qty:
Coconut & Pineapple Rice£3.20Qty:
Desi Chips£2.20Qty:
Garlic Naan£2.25Qty:
Keema Naan£2.70Qty:

Top All Time Favourites

Medium hot dish in a thick sauce with onions & tomatoes.
Chicken Tikka Bhuna£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Tikka Bhuna£8.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Bhuna£6.95Qty:
Prawn Tikka Bhuna£7.50Qty:
A medium hot dish cooked in chunked meat with fresh onions.
Chicken Tikka Dupiaza£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Tikka Dupiaza£8.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Dupiaza£6.95Qty:
Prawn Tikka Dupiaza£7.50Qty:
Popular dish, very mild and delicately flavoured with coconut & fresh cream.
Chicken Tikka Korma£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Tikka Korma£8.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Korma£6.95Qty:
Prawn Tikka Korma£7.50Qty:
Cooked in the tandoori & served in a creamy yoghurt sauce.
Chicken Tikka Massala£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Tikka Massala£8.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Massala£6.95Qty:
Prawn Tikka Massala£7.50Qty:
Creamy mild dish with a touch of red wine.
Chicken Tikka Passandra£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Tikka Passandra£8.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Passandra£6.95Qty:
Prawn Tikka Passandra£7.50Qty:
Rogan Josh
Medium hot dish cooked with onion, tomatoes, herbs & spices.
Chicken Tikka Rogan Josh£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Tikka Rogan Josh£8.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Rogan Josh£6.95Qty:
Prawn Tikka Rogan Josh£7.50Qty:
Medium hot dish cooked with mainly spinach & herbs.
Chicken Tikka Sagwala£6.95Qty:
King Prawn Tikka Sagwala£8.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Sagwala£6.95Qty:
Prawn Tikka Sagwala£7.50Qty:

Top Balti Dishes

All Balti Dishes are cooked with freshly ground spices, special balti sauce, onions, tomatoes, ginger, coriander and green capsicum sauce. Served with a Naan bread.

Balti Chef Special£9.95Qty:
(Cooked with Chicken, Lamb & Prawns)
Chicken Balti£7.75Qty:
Garlic Tikka Balti£7.75Qty:
Jalfrezi Chicken Balti£7.75Qty:
Jalfrezi Lamb Balti£7.75Qty:
King Prawn Balti£8.50Qty:
Lamb Balti£7.75Qty:
Prawn Balti£7.95Qty:

Top Biryani Dishes

"Cooked with rice & served with vegetable curry"

Chicken Biryani£7.50Qty:
Cubed Chicken prepared with fragrant basmati rice
King Prawn Biryani£8.95Qty:
Halved King Prawns in moist & fragrant rice.
Lamb Biryani£7.50Qty:
Fragrant basmati rice cooked with succulent pieces of seared lamb.
Prawn Biryani£7.95Qty:
Whole Prawns in a moist, rich and fragrant rice.
SAFA Special Biryani£8.95Qty:
Cubed Chicken, Seared Lamb & Whole Prawns cooked in a moist, fragrant basmati rice.
Seafood Biryani£8.50Qty:
Basmati rice with prawns, fish, squid and fresh herbs with a side of seafood sauce.
Vegetable BiryaniSuitable for Vegetarians£6.95Qty:
Fragrant basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables.

Top Chefs Recommendations

"All Chef Recommendations are cooked with TIKKA pieces. "

Chicken or Lamb Rezala
Off the bone tandoori chicken/lamb cooked with a specially prepared sauce, heavy spices with fried onion, capsicum, green chilli, fresh coriander, fairly hot. Served sizzling with a garlic base.
Chicken Rezala£7.50Qty:
Lamb Rezala£7.50Qty:
Duck Tikka Bhuna
Tender duck pieces cooked with homemade bhuna sauce, onions, tomatoes, curry leaves and garnished with fresh coriander.
Duck Tikka Massala£8.50Qty:
Cubed pieces of Duck, cooked in the tandoori and served in a creamy yoghurt sauce.
Hariyali Chicken Massala£7.50Qty:
Spinach cooked with green chillies in a homemade coriander sauce, kerwa water, topped with fresh mint leaves, ginger and garlic.
Lamb Chops Karahi
Tender spring lamb chops, cooked in garlic, butter, tomatoes and onions with a touch of ginger and coriander in a medium hot sauce.
Lamb Kodu£7.50Qty:
Very mild sweet dish, lamb cooked with sweet Indian red pumpkin with a hint of onion, garnished with spring onion & coriander.
Lamb Shank£7.50Qty:
Shank of Lamb braised in ginger and garlic paste and a twist of ground roasted spices in a thick bhuna sauce and fresh curry leaf.
Machli Taba
Indian sweet water fish, fried with onion and then cooked with fresh garlic, served semi-dry topped with fresh ginger.

Top House Special

Bengal Chicken£6.95Qty:
Served with a half boiled egg & cooked with fresh green pepper, onion, cinnamon and cardamom seeds.
Butter Chicken£6.95Qty:
Succulent pieces of chicken breast, marinated in a lightly spiced yoghurt sauce & barbecued in the clay oven. The cooked in butter with a selection of mild spices & ground almonds, in a rich, yet mild and creamy sauce.
Chicken Achari£6.95Qty:
Boneless Chicken marinated in a special homemade sauce with capsicum, lemon juice, coriander and achari pickle.
Chicken Shakooti
Shakooti boasts over 20 ingredients, each roasted individually prior to being grounded to contribute to the unique flavour. A speciality of exotic goa.
Chicken or Lamb Chilli Massala
Cooked with fresh green chilli, fried onion, ground methi leaves, massala sauce, coriander and garlic.
Chicken Chilli Masalla£6.95Qty:
Lamb Chilli Masalla£6.95Qty:
Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi
A highly spiced creation, comprising of thinly spiced strips of spring lamb, cooked with a mix of capsicums, green chillies, spring onions and spiced with turmeric, garlic and ginger.
Chicken Jalfrezi£6.95Qty:
Lamb Jalfrezi£6.95Qty:
Chicken or Lamb Korai
Diced Chicken or Lamb cooked in a special homemade sauce with tomato puree, pepper and onion.
Chicken Korai£6.95Qty:
Lamb Korai£6.95Qty:
Garlic Chicken or Lamb
A medium spiced curry cooked with fresh garlic & garnished with herbs and fried garlic.
Garlic Chicken£6.95Qty:
Lamb Chicken£6.95Qty:

Top House Special Starters

Chicken Tikka Malai£4.25Qty:
Marinated in yoghurt and cheese, lightly spiced with ginger, garlic, mustard oil and roasted in the tandoor.
Fish Amritsai£4.25Qty:
Chunks of Cod immersed in an aniseed and gram flour batter in spices, and deep fried.
Kathi Kebab£4.50Qty:
Rolled in a paratha to make a complete meal of velvet smooth cardamom flavoured chicken.
King Prawn Butterfly£4.50Qty:
Delicately spiced Giant King Prawn, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried until golden.
Mini Lamb Dosa£4.25Qty:
Crispy pancake made of rice flour, split black gram and filled with lamb massala.
Mixed Starter£5.50Qty:
Assortment of Onion Bhaji (x2), Vegetable Samosa (x1), Sheek Kebab (x1) and Chicken Tikka (x3).
Squid Stir Fry£4.25Qty:
Squids cooked with onion, capsicum and fresh herbs prepared semi-dry.

Top House Vegetarian Main Dishes

Vegetable BhunaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Vegetable DupiazaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Vegetable PassandraSuitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Vegetable CurrySuitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Vegetable DhansakSuitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Vegetable JalfreziSuitable for Vegetarians
Vegetable KormaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Vegetable MadrasSuitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:

Top Persian Dishes

"These dishes are sweet, sour & saucy. Cooked with lentils, vegetable spices, cumin seeds, ginger & garlic. Served with Pilau Rice.

Chicken Dansak£7.75Qty:
Chicken Pathia£7.50Qty:
King Prawn Dansak£8.50Qty:
King Prawn Pathia£8.50Qty:
Lamb Dansak£7.75Qty:
Lamb Pathia£7.50Qty:
Prawn Dansak£7.75Qty:
Prawn Pathia£7.50Qty:

Top Seafood Dishes

Crab Bhuna
An unusual but favourite family recipe, fresh minced crab combined with chopped garlic, onion, tomatoes and lightly spiced with ginger, turmeric and mixed herbs.
Fish Tikka Massala£7.50Qty:
Whole Indian sweet water fish, marinated in special spices and cooked in the tandoori oven & then topped with goan sauce.
Goan Fish Curry
Delicious pieces of Salmon cooked in coconut, coriander, onions and tomato, with hot spices and a hint of vinegar.
Kerala Seafood Molee£7.50Qty:
Classic Seafood dish. Assortments of seafood mussels, scallops, prawns and squid, stir fried with mixed peppers, curry leaves and tomatoes in coconut milk.
Machli Bhuna
Fresh water fish from Bangladeshi fried on Onion & served in a medium Bhuna sauce.
Salmon Salom£6.95Qty:
Pink Salmon simmered in heady mustard, fenugreek gravy, seasoned with a mixture of ground coconut and curry leaves. Delicious accompanied with basmati rice.
Tandoori King Prawn Massala£8.95Qty:
Succulent King Prawns coated with a mild massala sauce, Char grilled and then simmered into a rich creamy sauce and butter.
Tiger Prawn Balchou
Large size peeled prawns cooked in a delicious hot, sweet & sour massala sauce with fresh mushrooms. A classic Goan dish.

Top Tandoori Dishes

"Tandoori is an original Indian dish, rolled onto skewers and cooked at 400'C in a clay oven with charcoal heat. Mouth watering grills and roast ingredients are steeped over night in yoghurt based marinades with special spices and herbs. All tandoori dishes are served on a sizzler accompanied with fresh salad.

Chicken Tikka Malai£7.50Qty:
Marinated in smooth yoghurt and cheese, lightly spiced with ginger, garlic, mustard oil and roasted in the tandoor.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Shaslick
Tender pieces marinated in fresh aromatic herbs & barbecued with onion, capsicum and tomatoes.
Chicken Tikka Shaslick£7.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka Shaslick£7.95Qty:
Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Marinated in fresh aromatic herbs then barbecued in a tandoori paste. A homemade tikka sauce with fresh mint.
Chicken Tikka£6.95Qty:
Lamb Tikka£6.95Qty:
Duck Tikka£7.95Qty:
Marinated in fresh aromatic herbs then barbecued in a tandoori paste, homemade tikka sauce & fresh mint.
Full Tremendous Tandoori Chicken£8.95Qty:
4 pieces of Chicken on the bone, marinated in cloves & yoghurt with a hint of chilli, cooked over charcoal in the tandoori oven.
Half Tandoori Chicken£5.50Qty:
2 pieces of Chicken on the bone, marinated in cloves & yoghurt with a hint of chilli, cooked over charcoal in the tandoori.
Lamb Chops Malai£6.50Qty:
Tender spring lamb chops marinated in homemade cream cheese spiced with garlic, turmeric, ginger, red chillies & coriander.
Lamb Sheek Kebab£6.75Qty:
Finely minced Lamb, infused with fresh herbs, a variety of aromatic spices, based on skewers until tender and juicy.

Top Vegetarian Dishes

Aloo Anda CurrySuitable for Vegetarians
The traditional North Indian potato & egg curry.
Aloo Anda Curry (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Aloo Anda Curry (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Aloo GobiSuitable for Vegetarians
Florets of Cauliflower and Potatoes cooked in a tomato and ginger flavoured massala.
Aloo Gobi (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Aloo Gobi (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Baingan BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians
Baby Aubergines freshly cooked with onions, tomatoes and a mixed herbs.
Baingan Bhaji (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Baingan Bhaji (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Baingan BharthaSuitable for Vegetarians
A charcoal smoked Aubergine delicacy, cooked with onions & tomatoes.
Baingan Bhartha (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Baingan Bhartha (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Bhindia DupiazaSuitable for Vegetarians
Fresh Okra cooked with capsicums, onions & tomatoes.
Bhindia Dupiaza (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Bhindia Dupiaza (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Bombay AlooSuitable for Vegetarians
A delicacy of cumin tempered potatoes, topped with onion, tomatoes & a home made spice mix.
Bombay Aloo (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Bombay Aloo (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Chana MassalaSuitable for Vegetarians
A moderately spicy dish, compromising of chick peas cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, mixed spices and flavoured with amchur (mango powder).
Chana Massala (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Chana Massala (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Dry Mixed VegetablesSuitable for Vegetarians
A combination of finely chopped mixed and spiced vegetables.
Dry Mixed Vegetables (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.50Qty:
Dry Mixed Vegetables (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:

Top Alcoholic Drinks

Safa is the first restaurant and delivery service in south east London to be granted a license to sell alcoholic drinks. Under the terms of the liquor license. Liquor is permitted only when accompanied by a food order, minimum price £15. It is not our policy to supply alcohol to anybody under the age of 18 years old. In an effort to ensure that sales of alcohol are not made to minors, the first sale to an address must be made by credit card, which will be taken as proof of age. An additional proof of age may also be required.

Asahi - Japanese Beer (330ml)£2.95Qty:
Becks - German Beer (330ml)£2.95Qty:
Cobra - Indian Beer (330ml)£2.95Qty:
Cobra - Indian Beer (660ml)£4.10Qty:
Kingfisher - Indian Beer (660ml)£4.10Qty:

Top Drinks

Coke 1.5ltr£2.70Qty:
Diet Coke 1.5ltr£2.70Qty:
Lemonade 1.5ltr£2.70Qty:
(Glass Bottle)
Coke 330ml£1.35Qty:
Diet Coke 330ml£1.35Qty:
Sprite 330ml£1.35Qty:
Mango Lassi£2.25Qty:
Natural Lassi
Natural Lassi (Salty)£1.95Qty:
Natural Lassi (Sweet)£1.95Qty:
Vanilla Lassi£2.25Qty:
Water 330ml
(Glass Bottle)
Sparkling Water 330ml£1.60Qty:
Still Water 330ml £1.60Qty:
Water 750ml
(Glass Bottle)
Sparkling Water 750ml£2.70Qty:
Still Water 750ml£2.70Qty:

Top Desserts

Flavoured with yoghurt topped with black cherries.
Vanilla & Caramel with chocolate balls, toffee and caramel sauce.
Honey Pot£3.10Qty:
Vanilla with nuts topped with almonds & honey.
Mango Kulfi£2.25Qty:
Pistachio Kulfi£2.25Qty:
Vanilla with chocolate chips and truffles.
Pina Colada£3.10Qty:
Coconut flavoured with sprinkled flakes and pineapple.
Royal Pot£3.10Qty:
Toffee flavoured, topped with delicious milk toffee.
Strawberry Flute£3.10Qty:
Strawberry flavoured with mixed berries.
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